Tuesday Tonic: Sharing is caring

{Tonic: (noun) something with an invigorating effect}

Back in school, hiding your work from class mates was an integral part of the day. Essays were furiously scribbled behind arms shielding A4 notepads, science projects were conjured up beneath a veil of secrecy. Nothing was volunteered until it was committed to paper and approved by the teacher. The fear of somebody stealing your ideas was cultivated and encouraged to thrive and went hand in hand with the fear of teenage rejection.

But now that we’re all grown-ups, working in isolation is not such an appealing prospect. It’s too easy to get caught up in the minutiae of a project when you’re up against a deadline. Too easy to forget the bigger picture. Which is why sharing your thoughts, processes and work can be a great way to get out of a thinking rut. It feeds your creative brain cells and helps you grow and learn. Sharing and bouncing ideas off of other people can help nurture creativity and lead you in new directions you never thought of.

Yes, it’s daunting, but it can also be pretty exciting. Take this blog for example. Knowing that people all over the world can find me here, read these posts and react to them was pretty terrifying when I started out. What if everyone hated it? Could I stand the rejection? Did I have a thick enough skin? I decided if I didn’t, it was time I learnt to grow one.

So how do you share your work as a freelance copywriter? For me, this blog is the starting point. Working in healthcare, it’s not always appropriate or permissible to share my back catalogue online. So instead, I’m sharing examples of my writing here. But I’m also a sociable bee and you can find me on Google+, LinkedIn, twitter and as from today, dipping my toe in the clear, sparkling waters of Creativepool.

But why do I need them all? What’s the benefit of one over another? Here’s my take on what each social network has to offer someone like me:


It’s the new kid on the block, all the cool kids are using it. It’s strength, is in it’s reach. I can find designers, art directors, photographers, app developers and digitally savvy people on there as quick as I can type their name into the search box. The communities are a useful feature and it’s easy to see at a glance which ones have active members. Then there’s Hangouts. These can be used for a bit of fun, as a teaching tool or to collaborate with other creatives. I share blog posts, take part in conversations and discover and share new sources of information.


Facebook for the professional me. It lets me build a network of professionals from within the pharma advertising world and check in with other freelancers. It helps people remember me and me them. It’s my digital little black book. I share relevant news, availability and play matchmaker when I can do other freelancers a favour.


Immediate. That’s Twitter’s strength. And concise. Everything I need to know in 140 characters. Good practice for writing short, snappy sentences with impact if nothing else. But it’s also a portal to a whole world of information and knowledge. I share stuff I find interesting that I stumble upon, facts and updates, social media campaigns that grab my attention and interact with other freelancers and pharma ad types.


This one I just discovered recently and only completed my profile on this morning. But a quick look around revealed some nice content that I’m looking forward to exploring more. It looks like it’s going to be a more creative environment to build connections in than LinkedIn, so I’m eager to go back and explore more. I share not much more than my profile at the moment, but as I learn more about Creativepool I’m hoping to share some awesome looking creative work.

What about you? Where and how do you share your work? Come find me on any of the above networks and let me know. Don’t be shy!

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