Friday Frolic: Made in Scotland from girders

{frolic: (verb) playful, excited, energetic}

This week, we’ve mostly been rediscovering the delights of one of Scotland’s most famous beverages: Irn Bru. It quenches your thirst, cures your hangover and refreshes the parts other soft drinks can’t even hope to reach (let’s ignore its chemistry set ingredients – it’s made from girders and that’s all you need to know, ok?).

So, to continue with the Scottish theme this week, I just had to share this ad with you. Another doozy of an ad from The Leith Agency, it plays on some well known Scottish cliches with tongues firmly lodged in cheeks.

If you can bounce in six inch heels all night and still walk home in your bare feet.
If you can keep two passions burning bright and see if there’s still some romance and defeat,
If you can hit a foreign beach without a tan or brave the hurling sleet with just a shirt,
If you know you’re easily the better man when side by side with suits and just a skirt,
When you can party in the summer rain with kama kaze midges in the mud,
or grit your teeth and put up with the pain of seeing in the New Year in the Scud,
If you can wait and wait for 1P change then proudly give the lot to charity,
and know for certain it’s not strange to call your lunch dinner and dinner tea,
If you can handle folk who call you Jock
You’ll have really earned your IRN BRU.
You’ll thank your mum for keeping you in stock.
And what is more, you’ll feel phenomenal too!

It’s Friday, go on, have a frolic with Irn Bru. Cheers!

What are your thoughts on this?

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