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Do you need a freelance healthcare copywriter? Read on to find out why healthy copy thrives at Highland Tonic.

Copy. It’s just words surely? Strung together in a reasonable order to make sense to most people.

Not here.

Words are so much more than a combination of letters and sounds. They can fill your heart with arias and turn our synapses into catherine wheels. Words are woven together, to create tapestries for your eyes to feast upon. When spoken, they can caress your earlobes gently, lulling you into a gentle reverie. Or they can assault your ear drums with the power to induce nightmares.

Words have power. The power to sell, to explain, to bring understanding. The power to change behaviour.

That’s why I love words. I feed and nurture them, keep them warm at night and organise them according to your brief. Drawn from 20 years of experience in healthcare advertising but with a good dose of creativity and a foundation of medical knowledge, words from Suzanne at Highland Tonic are healthy words.

Get in touch to see how my words could reinvigorate your world.


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