Friday frolic: More on malaria

 {frolic: (verb) playful, excited, energetic}

A bit of a serious subject for the Friday Frolic today, but as it’s Red Nose Day, I thought a continuation of the malaria theme was fitting.


Right, I’m off to wear my pants on my head and spend money at the local school’s Red Nose Day cake stall (buying back all the fairy cakes I baked last night).

Have a great weekend everyone!


Tuesday Tonic: Spend a pound, save a life

{Tonic: (noun) something with an invigorating effect}

How much do drugs cost? Have you ever thought about it? It costs millions to develop some drugs, but some drugs are worth much more than their monetary value.

In the UK, nearly £2 billion each year is spent on the treatment of heart disease. £5.6 billion is spent on healthcare costs for the treatment of cancer. It costs a lot to treat people who are sick.

But what about a disease like malaria? How much do you think is costs to treat a disease that kills 660,000 people every year? How much does it cost to treat a disease that kills a child every single minute? A pound. One single British pound. £1. That’s all that it costs to buy the drugs needed to save a life.

The World Health Organization estimates 3.3 billion people (half the world’s population) are at risk from malaria, with approximately 250 million cases and nearly one million deaths every year. Yet, it’s a disease that is preventable and treatable. The problem is, the vast majority of people at risk live in the world’s poorest countries. £5 for a mosquito net may not seem much to us – sacrifice 2 cups of coffee on  your morning commute and you’ve covered it – but to a family trying to survive on less than £1 a day, it’s a lot of money.

This Friday, it’s Red Nose Day in the UK. The money raised helps Comic Relief support many projects devoted to tackling malaria.

Just £5 is all it takes to hang a mosquito net that 2 people can sleep under. £5 to save 2 lives. Donate now. It really is that simple.